Music of the Stars - A Tribute to 8 Famous Artists
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Music of the Stars - A Tribute to 8 Famous Artists

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Music Of The Stars is a tribute to Eight Internationally known Superstars. The Show spans an hour and a half of great music

Music Of The Stars is a tribute to Eight Internationally known Superstars starting with Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Elton John, The Bee Gees,, Gary Puckett, Paul McCartney, Roy Orbison and Elvis. The Show spans an hour and a half of great music.

Fabian Provenza-Started playing at 3yrs old,on pots and pans with my mom's sauce spoon.Grew up in a musical household, my dad sang and played the accordion.He would bring home a different genre of music weekly,which i played along to.As of today playing all styles of music, toured from LA to NY (studio sessions). I love to play drums and to entertain touching people's lives.Which led me to be with Music of the Stars Drummer.

Karl LaPorta - Piano, Keyboard, vocals

Age- 66, married 44 years to his lovely wife Donna.

Daughters, Katie (son-in-law Ben Edwardsen) & Teresa (son-in-law Nick Marko)

Grandchildren, Hunter, Lorelai, & Layla

Karl has been playing music professionally since he was 16. He studied music under his dad who was a piano and violin teacher. Karl was a piano technician for 35 years and is currently president of the Rochester Music Hall of Fame. In 2012 he released his first CD, The Gift.

Al Detori-Formally the guitarist of national recording artist Brooks Buford, Arista/SoSo Deaf Records, Guitarest and main song writer for national artists Omniblank/Hate Machine, other bands... Caustic Method, Pigmaster, Ultimatum, 808, Comadrome....

Alberto (AL) Dettori started playing guitar at the age of 5. Mainly influenced by Kiss and the Beatles and later Jason Becker, AL was first introduced to classical flamenco. After 5 years, he pursuited different teachers on different styles of music such as rock, classic rock, Jazz and Metal. At 17, the student became the teacher. Still claiming, his students taught him as much as he taught them. He's also been playing Ibanez guitars for over 30 years.

AL Dettori will always be known as a entertaining, metal shredding guitarist that tries to rock your face off at every performance. He also never forgets his roots and love and respect for all types of music. "Playing and being a part of Music of the Stars family has made me a better player. It's an honor and privilege to share the stage with my new brothers. Prepare yourself! .... For this Arsenal of All Star Musicians!!!"

Peter Riccardi-I've Ben in the music industry all my life started playing guitar at the age of 12 with my neighborhood kid called Frank Shourt in the 60ts. Well he moved away and never saw him. Moved on playing drums for many years for local Italian band . I was looking for another challenge and started playing keyboard. Started lessons with Fred Costello continued with Hochstein and Eastman School of music and continued my music in Italian band . At present I'm in a band with Frank Shrout. The 11yr old kid that I was playing guitar with.After 50yr that we haven't seen each other somehow

we hooked up again and started this new band Music of the Stars.

Lee David-I started taking lessons on bass guitar at the age of 17 from bassist Bruce Turgon, of the very popular rock band FOREIGNER, and had my first professional (paying) gig when I was 18. My biggest influences of the time were Geddy Lee of RUSH, along with Mark King of LEVEL 42. I decide to merge them together with a rock/funk feel, which was challenging mixing the two styles. My first professional band was called ASYLUM, which was started in 1980 and played for 2 years. We played most area rock bars and this is where I did my very first studio recording. In the early 80s I started a progressive rock band called NO CAMOUFLAGE. I left after only 15 months to play in several small live bands. In 1985, I was offered a “real” paying gig playing some of the most difficult of music for me. I tried my hand in Jazz! The band was called THE TREND, headed by professional Composer and Maestro Mariano Longo. (THE PLATTERS/GARY PUCKETT) Mariano taught me many of the values of playing and how the entertainment business worked. We soon became a full blown show band. He still is a very close and dear friend. After several years of travel I came back to Rochester to start a family. After being home for only 2 weeks, I was called by a group called CENTRE STAGE. I worked with the dearest friends that I have ever played with. I left the band in 1994. A month later, (1994) with the help of my friends Frank Shrout and Elvio Fernandas(now with Daughtry) I joined a new band called THE EAST COAST CONNECTION, This group had outstanding sound and energy, it was new and fresh. Lead by Frank Shrout, the music and vocals were top notch. Our success would lead us to Asia and Japan and New Orleans. I left ECC to relocate to Cincinnati to help raise my daughter Catrina. Shortly after relocating, I worked with THE VETTZ BAND, one of the nation’s leading Vietnam Veterans band, headed by Vietnam veteran Wayne Barker Jr. We played shows in Kokomo IN and the Mall in Washington DC for over 40,000 veterans..We worked along with Paul Revere & The Raiders and many other national acts. Sadly, Wayne passed away in June of 2017. In early spring of 2001 while vacationing in San Diego, I was fortunate to receive a call from long time friend Maestro Mariano Longo. He was now MD for GARY PUCKETT & THE UNION GAP. They asked me to join GP&UG. Needless to say, it was an outstanding opportunity for me to work with such an accomplished singer with over 40 million records sold. From 2001 to 2004, I played over 150 shows a year with Gary, such as Oldies Night in Stuttgart, Germany, Dick Clark’s Oldies Shows at the Casino Rama and every corner of the US. Gary is very heartfelt and wonderful man with a great family and still a very dear friend. In 2004 till current, I auditioned for a long time Cincinnati favorite group called BLUESTONE IVORY. It was very easy to mix right in with the band. With all the talent and combined national experience between all of us, I felt this would make a great and wonderful notch in my belt, not to mention that they are all fantastic people. I enjoy the professionalism of the band but yet the easy flow that they possess and I am honored to be part of this wonderful group. Present: A long time idea called MUSIC OF THE STARS is the creation of Frank Shrout. It finally took shape in late 2016. Its mission was to feature the top hits and great vocal and musical talents of the artists of the 60s and 70s in the music recording industry. Without tracks or digital trickery of today’s modern artist, MUSIC OF THE STARS holds true to the original quality sound and performance of the artist it represents. This show has been long and awaited from many fans and colleagues in the music business. My friend Gary Puckett is excited and honored to be included in the repertoire of MUSIC OF THE STARS. National artist’s I have worked with:Gary PuckettDenny Laine (Wings/The Moody Blues)Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night)Mark Volman (The Turtles)Ian Mitchell (Bay City Rollers)John Bauman (Bowzer/Shanana)Pat Upton (Spiral Staircase)Troy ShondellJimmy Velvet.

Tim McCullum-bass and vocals, spent his early music years playing the club circuit in New Jersey with several popular local bands. After moving to Rochester, he joined up with one of the area’s top party bands. “Music is something I just can’t get out of my head and life, it’s like fresh air to me.” When not laying down groovy bass lines, Tim enjoys hiking, camping and fishing.

Venue Information:
Batavia Downs - Park Place Event Center
8315 Park Road
Batavia, NY, 14020